Proper yard maintenance is important to the health of your property and the safety of your family and pets.   There are some things you should know in order to help you make the best decision.    The most important decision you will make is the selection of a service provider.    That’s where Advantage Tree Service comes in.  You can be confident in getting the best service when you trust Jackson Buice.    That’s because he treats your yard as if it was his own.

Homeowner’s Insurance and Your Trees

A potentially dangerous branch.

Protect your beautiful home by removing dead branches as soon as you can.

There are several important points to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a healthy yard:

  • Generally speaking, damage from a healthy tree will be covered.
  • Damage from an unhealthy, dying or dead tree is usually not covered.
  • Where a healthy tree is concerned, the insurance company covering the damaged property covers the damage.
  • When a dead tree causes damage, the owner of the tree is usually responsible.

For additional information, check out these links:   Insweb and The Law Dictionary.

To make sure you completely understand how your homeowner’s insurance policy works and what it covers, give your Homeowner’s insurance company a call.  Ask questions and ask for clarification about anything in your homeowner’s policy you may not understand.  Should a live tree fall on your property and cause damage, make sure you take pictures as soon as you can – preferably, within 24 hours – so you can demonstrate that the trees were healthy when they caused the damage.

Georgia Trees

Georgia has been blessed with a number of strong and beautiful trees that are native to the area.  They are part of the reason Georgia is so lovely.  There are websites you can visit that will provide information about the kinds of trees you might have which means you will be able to care for them properly.

Check out The University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences webpage.  Here, you will learn about the different Georgia trees.  There are pictures of leaves that will allow you to identify the kinds of trees you have on your property.

Another excellent resource for information about trees native to Georgia is the website of the Georgia Forestry Commission.  This government agency provides information about obtaining burn permits, ordering tree seedlings as well as resources that will help you care for your property and the trees on it.  There is an “Ask the Arborist” feature that provides answers to frequently asked questions and a way to submit questions that may not be addressed by the FAQs.  The Commission offers a newsletter you can sign up to receive, and there are articles covering subjects of interest to Georgia citizens.

Georgia Fruit and Nut Trees

If you don’t already have one, you might consider planting one of the many fruit or nut trees that thrive in the area.  Georgia is famous for pecans and for good reason.  Everything you could possibly want to know can be found at the Georgia Pecan Commission website.  There you will find information about the trees, pecans and delicious recipes.